When you need diagnostic imaging done, you can depend on the Brown Clinic staff to help you.
Equipped with the latest in imaging technology, we're prepared to give you and your loved ones quick and reliable care.

Faster, Clearer Images
Our imaging center is outfitted with advanced imaging machines that not only provide patients with quick and clear images but will keep you comfortable as well. On top of that, our staff is highly trained and will work with you to ensure you get the best images possible.

Patient Comfort
Staying still during imaging is an important part of capturing clear images, which is why we've sought out equipemnt that specializes in keeping patients comfortable during their appointment. 

Our Services
Traveling to neighboring cities to receive care can be exhausting and expensive, which is why we're proud to offer many imaging services for patients to utilize.

Our imaging specialties and services include:
- Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
- Mammography and breast imaging services
- Ultrasound
- In-clinic computed tomography (CT) scans
- Bone density scans (DEXA)

Newest Addition to Imaging Center
To ensure our patients receive the best care, we've added the NEW Cannon Vantage Orian to our imaging center. 
This machine is equipped with the latest  in AI technolgy to help produce images more quickly and accurately. To aid in patient comfort, the Vantage Orian also includes an MR theater and works quietly to help keep you more comfortable during your appointment.