Quality Care

Brown Clinic Provides High Level Quality Care 

Consistent with Brown Clinic's mission: To provide quality and compassionate health care. Our focus is to not only take care of you when you aren't feeling well, but do what we can to prevent disease. 

How?  One way is by committing physicians, nurses, billing personnel and others to identify important data to track and review on a regular basis with the emphasis on improving your health care outcomes. We assess the current status of your health care, identify and implement actions that should improve it, monitor the effectiveness of the actions and track improvement.

Where?  We gather this data from many different sources including patient satisfaction surveys (phone call response times), clinical measures (such as flu shot rates) and every interaction with you. When you take an active role in your health and work closely with us, you can be sure that you're getting the care you need. Remember, you are a key member of your health care team.


  • 11.7 % more patients are getting the flu shot
  • 7.89% more patients with hypertension have their blood pressure at what is considered under control at less than 140/90
  • 9.48% more patients are getting the pneumovax (a vaccine to help prevent pneumonia)

According to patient satisfaction surveys, you told us:

  • it was important to make sure we had information from your specialist when you came back to see us and we've improved that by 15%
  • you wanted us to be more responsive to your phone calls during office hours and we are now responding to your calls within 24 hours 93% of the time

And…we are committed to continuous improvement…because that's the kind of care you expect from Brown Clinic—the people you know and trust.