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At Brown Clinic, we're here for you when you're sick, but also when you're well. We encourage preventative medicine, or as we like to call it, wellness medicine. We'd like you to Jumpstart your health by encouraging you to go out and get active. Regular checkups, screenings and tests with your primary care provider are also vital to ensuring you and your family's health and wellbeing long into the future.
Exercising Together for a Healthy FamilyGetting the entire family to exercise and be active together promotes healthy habits that can last a lifetime.Establishing a healthy sleep routineSleep is essential to a child’s health, growth and wellness.Backyard Summer OlympicsHost your own family-friendly summer Olympics in your own backyard this summer!School’s Out? Time to Get In.Now is the perfect time to be planning for the examinations and vaccinations your student will need for the school year. Summer Kid-Friendly RecipesSummer is the perfect time to try new foods with your family. Fun Close to HomeDoes it feel like the summer is already slipping away, even though it has only just begun? Shoo FlyDuring the summer months you want your family to be outside in the fresh air as much as possible. Outdoor activities are an important part of raising healthy kids. In addition to protecting your child from the sun’s dangerous rays, you’ll want to make sure that you’re keeping them safe from bug bites. Mosquitos, biting flies and ticks can take a fun day and turn it miserable.Garden GreatnessHere at Brown Clinic we always want to encourage families to find healthy activities, meals and snacks. We’ve found a great activity that incorporates all three: grow a garden together. Making Sense of Sunscreen We’re all excited that the temperatures are heating up and summer is right around the corner. At Brown Clinic, we want the summer to not only be fun for you and your family, but also safe. That includes keeping yourself and your children safe from the sun’s dangerous rays.Your Trusted Partner in ParentingAt Brown Clinic, we are humbled by your decision to trust us with your care. We are especially appreciative when we have the opportunity to help you welcome new members of your family into the world. That’s why we provide quality care for the whole family – including OB/GYN services and pediatric care.